The traditional Thai massage - or Nuad Thai - is a unique form of massage therapy that combines both physical and energetic aspects it is a deep,full- body massage and focuses on ' Sen' or energy lines through the use of thumbs and finger, along with a variety of stretching movements. Your body will be both-energises and rejuvenated after the massage . This form of bodywork is non-oil massage. performed on a padded mat, on the floor.

Key Benefits

-improve blood circulation, help to lower blood pressure

-improves posture, balance and body alignment

-dissolves energy blockages

-help arthritis , back pain and sciatic pain

-help strengthen joints, including chronic joint problems

Duration    Normal Price    Discount price

30 mins            £ 30                       -

45 mins            £ 45                     £40

60 mins            £ 55                     £50

90 mins            £ 80                     £70

120mins           £ 100                   £85

Thai Massage

Thai  massage is our signature treatment. Thai massage techniques that are designed to ease away anxieties, tension and meet your individual needs from head to toe, bring your body and mind into perfect equilibrium

if you want deeper work and can tolerate more pressure, even momentary discomfort, to get relief from it's better to book a deep tissue massage

Key Benefits

-promote relaxation and enable a feeling of well-being

-Release muscle tension, ache and pain

-Improve blood circulation and heat function

-Slow the ageing process

Duration    Normal Price   Discount price

30 mins            £ 30                      -

45 mins            £ 45                   £40

60 mins            £ 55                   £50

90 mins            £ 80                   £70

120mins           £ 100                 £85

Aromatherapy Massage

Dubbed the 'sensual science' for combining the power of touch with the senses of smell, Aromatherapy is a massage treatment that use essential oils to resort harmony in the body and mind. The healing and mood-enhancing properties of natural plants oils have been recognised for millennia. Rediscovered and restoring balance to the excess of modern-day life, essential oils like lavender, rosemary and more, have different healing properties can clam, energise , uplift and decongest. 


Key Benefits


-Reduce stress and related conditions such as insomnia

-Ease back pain, menstrual pain

-Alleviate postpartum depression and anxiety

-Prevent digestive disorder stress and anxiety 


Duration   Normal Price    Discount price

30 mins            £ 30                     -

45 mins            £ 45                  £40

60 mins            £ 55                  £50

90 mins            £ 80                  £70

120mins           £ 100                £85

Deep Oil massage should play an important part in the life of any sport man or woman whether they are injured or not. Massage has a number of benefits. Both physical, physiological and psychological.


-Maintain the body in generally better condition

-Prevent injuries and loss of mobility 

-Cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue

-Boost performance and extend the overall life of your sporting career

Duration   Normal Price    Discount price

30 mins            £ 35                    -

45 mins            £ 50                 £45

60 mins            £ 60                 £55

90 mins            £ 85                 £75

120mins           £ 110               £95

Swedish massage

Dating back to the early 19th century this classic Swedish massage technique combines vigorous and soothing massage movements with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart and adapts to the individual's specific areas of tension, muscular aches and pains. This is soothing massage additionally promotes relaxation and well being. Our Swedish massage usually includes some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension, but if you truly want an intensive work and firm pressure, we would recommend you book a deep tissue massage.

Key Benefits

-Increasing the level of oxygen in the blood

-Decreasing muscle toxins

-improving circulation and flexibility white easing tension

-Easing tension and muscular strain

-Stimulate the nervous system

-Reduce emotional, physical stress and fatigue

Duration  Normal Price   Discount price

30 mins            £ 30                  -

45 mins            £ 45               £40

60 mins            £ 55               £50

90 mins            £ 80               £70

120mins           £ 100             £85

Back,Neck and Shoulder Massage

The perfect treatment after a long slog in the office, lifting heavy objects, or a workout at the gym. This deeply relaxing massage focuses on the back, neck, shoulder and scalp. It also helps to reduce tension headaches, improves circulation and posture while easing chronic muscular pain.

Duration  Normal Price   Discount price

15 mins            £ 15                  -

30 mins            £ 30                  -

45 mins            £ 45               £40

Four Hands Massage

Four-hand massage involves two skilled therapists working on one client in a coordinated manner. Ever had a single therapist massage? Now imagine what two hands working in a synchronised manner will make you feel. All this is performed with pre-heated oil and under a serene environment, silent and well light with candles.

Four hand massage  is done by two therapists who use the client’s body as a canvas moving their hands in a slow yet detailed manner varying in terms of pace and pressure. They mirror each other’s’ movement to bring about uniformity. It is highly recommend.

Duration   Normal Price   Discount price                   

60 mins            £ 110                £100

90 mins            £ 155                £140

Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology

A holistic treatment from the ancient Orient that uses elements of reflexology, a good Thai foot massage will ensure your feet feel wonderful. The art of traditional Thai reflex therapy applies medium pressure to specific points on the feet that correspond to the body's vital organs. This technique corrects any imbalances and promotes the body 's natural self-healing mechanisms by boosting the immune system.

Key Benefits

-promotes healing and relaxation in many part of bodies

-Prevent migraine and headache

-Reduce stress and anxiety

-Help with insomnia

-Reduce digestive problems including IBS

-Increase alertness and enhance creativity

Duration  Normal Price   Discount price

30 mins         £ 30                      -

45 mins         £ 45                  £40

60 mins         £ 55                   £50

90 mins         £ 80                   £70

Back, Neck and Shoulder combined with Thai Foot Massage

This is a therapeutic massage which includes the upper back, shoulder, neck and foot. As many people complain of tension in these areas when under stress or frustrated, especially when working long hours.

Duration   Normal Price   Discount price


60 mins            £ 60                 £50

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